Manhattan Skyline Group

Business in Russia: Through the Looking Glass

Do you want to know how to protect your investments and continue doing business under the yoke of kleptocratic regime?


  • Just thinking of doing business with Russian partners?
  • Planning to relocate to Russia for a new job?
  • Sent by your boss to drive a Russian branch?
  • Want to open your own business in Russia or expand your sales to the new market?

Then… be prepared!

“Business in Russia: Through the Looking Glass” is a FREE half-hour Skype coaching-session tailored by The Manhattan Skyline Group® for all of you who decided or thinking of expanding your managerial or business activities to the Russian market.

Good news! On May 17, 2016, the Kleptocracy Initiative launched the Kleptocracy Archive. The Kleptocracy Archive is organized by individuals, enabling users to identify key actors in the complicated patronage and business networks that characterize kleptocracies. These people are associated with kleptocratic regimes for many reasons. Their inclusion is not necessarily suggestive of wrongdoing, but critical to understanding how modern kleptocracies function - and the grave threats they pose to democracy.