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The Manhattan Skyline Group

Our Mission

The Manhattan Skyline Group works for your continuous and sustainable development. Together with you we are ready to change the future. We are making your businesses more profitable, your professional activities – more effective and your life – replete and exciting.

The Values Engraved on Our Seal

  • Dignatio – Dignity
  • Ducatus – Leadership
  • Prosperitas – Prosperity

Our Expertise

  • Corporate development & Transformation
  • Organizational behavior & Human capital management
  • Marketing strategy & Competitive advantages’ management

Our Tools

  • Executive coaching
  • Business consulting
  • Manhattan Skyline Academy

History of The Manhattan Skyline Group

2016 – Manhattan Skyline Academy was granted an Educational License.

2015 – Manhattan Skyline Academy was established in St. Petersburg, Russia.

2014 – The City Veterinary Clinic, recently acquired by the Group in St. Petersburg, Russia, started up operations.

2013 – Manhattan Skyline OOO was established in Moscow, Russia. Partnership relations were set with AutoDealer-University and Service Quality Institute.

2012 – Manhattan Skyline LLC was established in Wilmington, DE. We formulated the vision, mission, strategy and objectives for the Group. Start-up of our proprietary projects: Manhattan Skyline Excellence & New York Baby.

2008 – kick-off of seminar series by Rodion Kolesnikov in New York City, Chicago, IL and Washington, DC for the owners and managers of US companies planning to enter the Russian market or to develop their existing Russian businesses.

2002 – Rodion Kolesnikov had started his business consulting practice. Among his clients and successfully accomplished projects were: Auchan Group, Scania, Start People, Group "Ilim", Lenta Retail, Medem, Pharmsynthez, and a number of others.

Dr. Rodion Kolesnikov

Rodion Kolesnikov is the founder of The Manhattan Skyline Group. Possessing more than two decades of business excellence, Rodion is an expert in business development, general management, business strategy and leadership.

Rodion began his career in early 1990-s with his own retail business. Later in the ‘90-s – kept on as a hired manager on a position of the commercial director at Pervaya Pomosch, Russian nationwide drugstore chain, then continued at Russian nationwide pharmaceutical distributor Genesis Ltd, and later – at pharmaceutical manufacturer Pharmsynthez PJSC (MICEX: LIFE). In 2002 Rodion had started his business consulting practice, since then successfully leading business development and marketing projects with Russian and international companies. Starting late 2000-s, for almost five years Rodion had managed car dealerships and expanded Jaguar and Land Rover sales within Rolf Group, leading Russian automotive retailer. Since 2013 Rodion has focused on his own practice within The Manhattan Skyline Group’s and partnering programs.

Rodion Kolesnikov holds a PhD in Management and Organizations from Herzen State University of Russia and an MBA in General Management from Kellogg School of Management.

Rodion is the author of the book "Foresight Management: 7 Rules of Business Excellence” (written in Russian, 2014). He also has numerous publications in Russian: articles in academic and industry journals on general management, organizational behavior, business ethics, and strategic development.

Rodion’s Professional Experience

Since 2013: Manhattan Skyline LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia – Wilmington, DE, USA
Business improvement services
Executive Director

- Drives a diversified business.
- Leads a number of on-site consulting and coaching projects.
- Provides executive coaching and consulting for companies on strategy and business development.
- Teach business strategy, organizational behavior and change management at Manhattan Skyline Academy.

2008 – 2013: ROLF Group, Russia.
One of Russia`s leading automotive businesses
General Director
Successfully developed the sales of premium brand cars within the Group. Turned average car dealerships with mediocre customer reputation into leading businesses with clear development strategy, responsible teams of professionals and exceptional customer satisfaction ratings. 

2002 – 2008: Pharmsynthez PJSC, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Niche pharmaceutical manufacturer of APIs and formulated products (MICEX: LIFE)
Commercial Director
Commercialized pharmaceutical start-up.
Rodion's efforts gave the company an opportunity to succeed with an IPO later in 2009.

2000 – 2002: Genesis ZAO, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Nationwide pharmaceutical distributor        
Upstream Commercial Director
Along with successful business process re-engineering in my field of responsibility, I implemented new purchasing and logistics strategy, which immediately brought noticeable commercial results.

1998 – 2000: Pervaya Pomosch ZAO, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Nationwide pharmaceutical retailer
Commercial Director
Gave a commercial birth to the retail start-up. Created the vision, clear innovative strategy, and succeeded significantly in implementing it.


Kellogg School of Management (2007 – 2009)
Kellogg–WHU Executive MBA Program
Evanston, IL, USA – Vallendar, Germany
MBA, General Management

Herzen State University of Russia (2002 – 2006)
St. Petersburg, Russia
PhD, Management & Organizations

 State Pediatric 
Medical University (1991 – 1997)
St. Petersburg, Russia

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